ToMo Farm


Welcome to ToMo Farm. You will become a Boss to manage all aspects of your business:

  • Crop, livestock, produce and sale.

You’ll have to work hard, give the business strategy to achieve your goals, take a huge profit and develop your business grow.


TO PLAY ___________________________

  • Build and upgrade your farm. Attention to plant, cattle’s health and heal it. Sell or improve your field/barn/pond to expand your farm.
  • Buy and upgrade machines in your factory. Fix machine which is broken, or sell machine which you think it is unnecessary.
  • Hire and train staffs. Take care all of your staffs to help them feel better.
  • Gift to your customers. Research and develop your technology to improve productivity. Make market research, product marketing, and allocate time for R&D (Research & Development).
  • Get a special gifts and new items, buildings after you completed missions.
  • Play and become a Business Tycoon Hero!!!

FEATURES ___________________________

  • Free to play
  • Log in Facebook to play game with your friends on other devices, other platforms
  • Amazing 2D Graphic
  • More than 60+ achievement to complete
  • New missions updated regularly with fun new features

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